PROFX, a specialist audio video and automation company, was founded in 2000 at Bangalore, India. It was one of the first AV brands in the country to focus on specific requirements of the audiophile community, introducing them to a world-class audio and video experience.

The company’s philosophy, right from the start, has been to create experiences that are designed to delight the customer, and the mission is to always give the highest value for the product or solution, through personalized care and service. Customers understand the significance of the PRO FX experience, because it helps them to realise their own entertainment aspirations with little effort.

Over the past 20 years, PRO FX has consistently advanced its business goals to keep up with the evolving entertainment needs of music connoisseurs and movie enthusiasts, expanded the product range, and included tech-savvy solutions. PRO FX is home to some of the world’s finest brands, bringing customers the finest quality Home Theatres and Hi-Fi, Professional Audio Video solutions for corporate offices and business houses, and a range of cutting edge solutions in automation and integration.

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