Our goal was simple—an affordable custom in-wall/in-ceiling speaker line with all the Definitive Technology hallmarks: the advanced components; the innovative engineering; the legendary sound; the five-year warranty. DT Series is that line.

Premium Audio Performance

Sonic Excellence, as Expected

Our most accessible line of high performance in-wall and in-ceiling products, DT Series speakers regale listeners with thrilling sound. You’ll enjoy Definitive Technology’s vibrant bass, detailed midrange, and clear treble without taking up an inch of floor space.




DT Custom Install Series Rectangular In-Wall Speaker


DT Custom Install Series Rectangular In-Wall Speaker


DT Custom Install Series Round 8" In-Ceiling Speaker


6.5” In-Wall / In-Ceiling Speaker

DT 6.5R

DT Custom Install Series Round 6.5" In-Ceiling Speaker

High-Performance Drivers
for high-performance installations

Teeming with high-end components such as annealed aluminum tweeters, polypropylene mineral-filled mid/bass cones, and anti-diffraction surfaces, the DT Series reproduces audio with the legendary voicing you expect from Definitive Technology.

Single-Speaker Stereo Solution
for beautiful music everywhere

The DT Series has you covered with limited-space applications such as hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, and offices. The DT 6.5STR features a stereo setup within a single round ceiling speaker. With dual voice coils powering the mid/bass driver and an innovative dual-angle tweeter configuration, the DT 6.5STR produces broad, beautiful stereo dispersion from just one speaker.


In-Wall Subwoofer
for deep extension and impact

The IW Sub Reference and IW Sub 10/10A in-wall subwoofers perfectly complement DT Series in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, reproducing the lowest octaves of music, movies, and games — unleashing massive, thunderous bass that brings a deep impact thrill to any space.


Low-Diffraction Swivel Tweeter
for high-performance at high frequencies

DT Series speakers feature a low-diffraction swivel tweeter. Its specially-designed housing eliminates cross-driver interference with the midrange driver while improving dispersion and off-axis response. The swivel mechanism (except single stereo DT 6.5STR) enables the installer to aim the tweeter for pinpoint direct audio or diffuse surround sound, allowing for flexibility throughout the DT Series lineup.

Quick and Easy Installs

Truly Custom Installations

Using only four common tools and a pencil, installers will find it a breeze to install any DT Series in-wall or in-ceiling speaker. With strong yet lightweight construction, integrated pivoting lock arms, paintable grilles, and magnetic grille fasteners, you’ll have your DT Series speakers installed and playing impressive audio in no time.


Pivoting Tweeters
for customized configurations

When using DT Series speakers as fronts in a home theater setup or as stereo speakers in a distributed audio system, installers can aim the tweeter toward the main listening position for improved imaging and detail. When using as rear/surround speakers, installers can aim the tweeter toward an adjacent wall or ceiling for a more diffuse sound field.


Fewer Tools Needed
for faster installs

Rotating lock arms, magnetically-attached grilles, and heavy-gauge speaker wire push terminals enable a faster, simpler installation using fewer tools.


Paintable Magnetic Grilles
for the custom touch

All DT Series speaker grilles and grille frames are paintable, with easy step-by-step instructions. Once you have your perfect look, powerful neodymium magnets attach the grilles to the speakers for a secure, tool-free finish.


Affordable Custom
for everyone

DT Series is the culmination of years of research and engineering to innovate an affordable in-wall/ in-ceiling speaker line that’s Definitive Technology to the core. Equally at home in distributed audio, home theater, and commercial settings, DT Series speakers bring enthralling music, movies, gaming, and background audio to walls and ceilings — with ease and stealth.

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