Connected Technology – Innovation driven by disruption

Dec - 01

Connected Technology – Innovation driven by disruption

The pandemic has created a workplace paradigm shift that took the corporate world by surprise, leaving no time to plan. The place we call the office and the way we work and collaborate has forever changed. Today, personnel are scattered between offices, homes, and other remote locations.  ‘Work from anywhere’ is the New Normal. The digital workplace transformation that has taken years to develop escalated to a revolution in just months. Microsoft Teams and Zoom are now household names, creating an expectation by employees that all workplace technology should be accessible and easy-to-use.

As the hybrid workplace evolves, agile companies are reimagining the tools, technology and collaboration solutions needed to profoundly advance the people, processes, and philosophies that will impact business performance and outcomes for years to come.

One company at the forefront of connected technology is Crestron, with its entire bouquet of IoT and Ai driven products and services that perfectly complement the new business order and provide smart solutions to challenges faced by companies, big or small.


Staying connected while socially distanced
How does one enable collaboration with co-workers in the office while keeping socially distanced, as well as seamlessly connect with home-office and other remote participants?

Crestron Flex MM is a conferencing solution that’s ideal for newly converted or dedicated small workspaces in both corporate and home offices. The Flex MM tabletop collaboration system features a sleek and sophisticated design with a 40 percent reduction in size, without sacrificing high-performance audio and video quality found in the tabletop series of devices. Compatible with Native Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms™ software Flex MM is easy-to-use, deploy, and manage.


The safety ‘touch-points’
Currently team meetings involve too many people touching the same devices, screen and surfaces which could have potential health and safety risks.

The AirMedia® wireless presentation system from Crestron allows for completely “no-touch” presenting. Users content-share directly onto the screen in a meeting space from a personal device without the need to touch a screen or plug in an HDMI cable. Simply walk into the room, and the occupancy sensor turns on the display automatically. The user can then present from their laptop or mobile device—collaborate, share and work together. When they are done they can leave the room, and the system turns off.



Leave the risks outside the meeting room

How would you know if the meeting room is available at your time slot? More importantly, how do you ensure the room is properly sanitized and equipped for my team meeting?

Crestron Room Scheduling makes it simple to locate and book the right meeting space with the right technology. Choose from Crestron’s complete platform—touch screens, indicators, and occupancy sensors—and run the software you prefer. Only Crestron lets you decouple your scheduling hardware from your software, so you can easily change applications as you need.


When WFH steps up the game
Working from home with a laptop was fine for a few months, but for personnel who will be working from home, going forward, there is a need for an enterprise-grade experience.

Crestron HomeTime™ brings professional quality Zoom conferencing into the home, seamlessly integrated within the Crestron home technology ecosystem. Created for home-based workers for seamless collaboration and workflow. Crestron HomeTime is a unification of the Logitech® MeetUp
conference camera with the Crestron UC Engine that seamlessly integrates with Crestron control to deliver the optimal Zoom Rooms experience in the home office.


Expanding demands meet technology expertise

How to cope up with technology and equipment to meet the immediate need for additional collaboration and meeting spaces?

Crestron XiO Cloud® enables support staff to remotely manage the technology in their rooms. You can deploy, manage, and monitor your spaces as well as analyze the usage. Your support staff will be able to administer their rooms at scale without having to visit the room physically, and when you are trying
to avoid the number of people in rooms that is very valuable.

Welcome to the Cestron experience. First hand!!
Now that you’ve gained some much needed ‘gyan’ on connected technology, its relevance and how to harness it, you must be wondering, “How can I get hold of this technology here in India’.

All you need do is visit your nearest ProFx outlet. Our experts will guide you on what best connected technology solution suit your organizational requisites.

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