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“When we began our journey, we set out to deliver ‘Pure Experience’, because we believed the Indian AV market was ready to go to the next level. And we were right. Our own products, and those which we represented, were of the highest quality and aesthetic value. Also, for the first time in India, we had introduced the concept of having mini ‘theatres’ in homes for cinematic delight, which is currently an international craze.

‘Pure Experience’ is now transformed with the vital element of Design. In keeping with our customers’ informed choices, and to give them exactly what they desire, we have a new way of realizing the ultimate AV dream: Experience by Design.

Experience by Design, our new mantra, allows us to invent, innovate and craft special solutions that we refine to the last, intricate detail. When we design a home theatre or an audio-video solution for an office boardroom, retail chain, restaurant or lobby, we dive into the depths of your dream.
We have a disciplined approach to consultancy, design, execution and completion. Every solution we offer combines an array of fields such as Physics, Architecture, Design, Engineering, Electronics and Art. To that, we add the world’s finest brands of products and back it up with responsive after-sales support.

We also take pride in understanding the local environment, product usage patterns, advanced technologies, need for upgradability, and most importantly, our continued relationship with customers.

The PRO FX philosophy is Experience by Design. It is the passion that crafts the ultimate ownership experience to keep pace with people’s dreams. Let us show you how we can do it for you.”

PRO FX designs custom, luxury, high performance private home theatres that deliver sensational sound and larger-than-life viewing experience. Clients, who are looking for something special to be conceived in line with their existing home decor and infrastructure, appreciate the PRO FX expertise that doesn’t involve massive structural changes or re-haul of spaces.

Experience by Design is the mantra that guides the creation and realisation of every home theatre project, meticulously executed to exceed expectations. PRO FX endeavours to give the owner a customised and enriched experience through careful planning, design, engineering and testing. Sometimes, small intimate spaces can be challenging, just as large areas can be overly difficult to perfect sound clarity.

Besides visual refinements in projection, colour, light, texture, to automation and integration of all electronic devices, PRO FX also concentrates on acoustics and existing construction handicaps or dynamics to achieve the best possible AV experience.


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