How to Choose the Best Home Theatre for Your Room

Sep - 21

How to Choose the Best Home Theatre for Your Room

What’s so great about home theatres? Well, what isn’t? You get the immersive movie-watching experience in the comfort of your home! No waiting in queues, no risky exposure to you and your family, no paying exorbitant prices for snacks…and pause the movie when you like. It can’t get better than that! But how do you go about picking the right home theatre? You have countless options, right from high-end Dolby Atmos enabled 7.2.4 & 5.2.2 or simply affordable 5.1 home theatres variations that can fit your budget, space and still sound amazing! Here’s a quick guide to help you find the perfect home theatre for your room!

What’s a Home Theatre?
Before we get into the details, let’s take a quick look at the essential parts of a surround sound system. A basic home theatre consists of:

  • A home theatre receiver
  • A center channel speaker
  • Front left and right speakers – bookshelf speakers or floor-standing speakers
  • Two or four surround speakers
  • One or two powered subwoofers
  • 2 or more ceiling mounted Atmos speakers.

Centre Channel Speaker
The centre channel is your primary audio source, carrying approximately 70% of the entire soundtrack, including dialogues & vocals. Ideally, you want a centre speaker that conveys sound with smooth and accurate transitions to make the home theatre experience more realistic and dialogues more intelligible.

The POLK RESERVE series has a pretty incredible range of centre channel speakers – R300, R350, & R400. With Polk’s new Dynamic Balance designed acoustic array, you can enjoy a rich, clean & full-range sound in your movies. Polk’s patented design Power Port® enables the speaker to smoothly transition the airflow from its port into your listening area. It also extends the overall bass port, providing a greater surface area to eliminate turbulence and distortion, for bigger, more musical, deep bass impact. Moreover, it offers 3dB more bass response output than a traditional port. It’s also compatible with the latest Dolby and DTS surround sound technologies. In short, this series is built to bring the big surround sound theatre and music experience into the comfort of your living room!

 Front Left & Right Speakers
The front left & right speakers will feature as part of the primary centre stage in your theatre setup. You can place them roughly 3-5 feet away from the TV on each side. For optimal audio, you can angle the speakers 22°-30° towards the main seating position to ensure best directionality of sound.

The POLK RESERVE series, R500 Compact Floorstanding Speaker, R600 Floorstanding Loudspeaker & R700 Premium Stereo Floorstanding Loudspeaker are perfect for the main sound experience. With a slim and elegant design, the Reserve line can fit into any décor. Inheriting Polk’s flagship transducer array, they produce an exceptional sound and are designed for today’s two-channel music listening as well as multi-channel 3D audio found in movies, sports, and video game soundtracks.

The Reserve line brings a unique appeal with its understated elegance and minimalist design.

Surround Speakers
What sets a home theatre apart from a regular TV setup is an immersive audio experience. This is achieved when audio signals are split into separate channels to reflect exactly what you see in the audio. If a car is approaching a character from the back, then you’ll hear the sound coming from behind. It’s almost as if you’re within the movie and part of the action.

Adding to the centre stage, you need two more speakers placed at 90° to 110° directly to the sides of your seating position. If you mount these speakers two feet or higher above the listener, it will maximize ambience.

The POLK RESERVE series, R 100 & R 200, are both versatile as bookshelf or surround speakers that can enhance your audio experience to a great extent. While the R 100 is smaller and can be placed on a bookshelf, a stand or even mounted to the wall, the R 200 is a larger bookshelf speaker that excels in delivering extra bass power thanks to its 6.5” turbine cone woofer and larger cabinetry. With Polk’s flagship transducer array, these speakers produce an exceptional sound that rivals competitor speakers that sell for twice the price.

A Subwoofer is an extremely important unit of a home theatre system. A subwoofer is specifically designed to handle low frequencies and deliver bass. Why is that important? These speakers give you a more wholesome and immersive audio experience. If you’re looking for an impactful experience, it’s crucial that you pick the right subwoofer for your home theatre system.

 The Polk HTS 10 & HTS 12 subwoofers enhance home theatre and music listening with powerful deep bass. They feature a long-throw Dynamic Balance 12” driver, patented Power Port® technology and a state-of-the-art 400W Class D amplifier. These powerful subs come with elegantly curved edges to fit into any interiors and promise beast-like performance.

 PRO FX has it All
Now that you’re an expert on home theatres, it’s time to find the perfect store for you to buy one. With over two decades of industry experience, PRO FX offers world-class audio and video experiences. With a wide range of products, PRO FX brings the best of brands to the audiophile community. Every product at the store, comes from a selection of carefully curated models based on design, features, performance and reliability. Moreover, PRO FX has India’s widest network of service centres to ensure many years of hassle-free ownership. Walk into our store to pick the best home theatre for your home or get in touch with us to get your very own custom-designed home theatre for larger than life viewing experiences!

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