ic6 Pendant Housings

High Output Pendant Loudspeaker (kit)



Theory architectural in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers employ high-efficiency, high-output carbon fiber low-frequency drivers and advanced polymer compression tweeters for clean, clear and highly-resolved sound that fills even large residential and commercial spaces. Effortlessly. Indoors or out. Like the Theory sound bars before them, Theory in-wall, in-ceiling and pendant loudspeakers provide the highest performance available in their category and will change your mind regrading what is possible from residential and commercial architectural sound. We promise.


(All measurements made with Klippel Near Field Scanner, in free space with the grille installed on the speaker)
More than any other loudspeaker type, what you “hear” from a pendant loudspeaker is its total radiated power. The ic6 Pendant Sound Power response is text-book smooth.
The ic6 Pendant off-axis response is predictable and smooth all the way to 90 degrees. This is why it’s Sound Power Response (above) is so smooth.
The ic6 Pendant offers wide dispersion all the way to the very top audio octave. Everyone hears wide-band, detailed sound.
Beamwidth is the speaker dispersion presented as a “topographic map”. The cursors show that the ic6 pendant has 172 degree dispersion at 9.8kHz, -12dB. That is nearly 180 degree dispersion to the highest frequencies.
The “Directivity Contour Plot” shows the speaker’s dispersion characteristics using color to represent output magnitude. A quick inspection of the ic6 Pendant’s contour plot reveals its very wide, but very uniform dispersion.

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ic6 Ceiling Speaker with ic6 Pendant Housing
Pendant Housing and ic6 Speaker Sold Separately
Passive, Requires 1 THEORY ALC Amp channel
16-ohms or 70/100V Operation, Selectable
1 x 6.5″ THEORY Coaxial Driver:
6.5” Carbon Fiber Low Frequency Driver
1.4″ THEORY Advanced Polymer Compression Driver
120 Degrees Conical (-6dB @ 10kHz)
172 Degrees Conical (-12dB @ 9.8kHz)
68Hz -23kHz, -3dB
58Hz – 25kHz, -10dB
92dB-106dB SPL
Power Handling:
100W (AES)
Power Requirements:
Requires THEORY Amplified Loudspeaker Controller
Maximum Output:
112dB SPL @ 1m
Nominal Impedance:
16-ohms; 70V/100V
Transformer Taps:
60W, 30W, 15W, (7.5W, 70V)
Housing Colors:
Matte White
Matte Black
Gloss Black
Housing: 11.2″ DIAMETER x 10″ H
13.8 lbs. Each (ic6 + Pendant Housing)

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