Reference 8b



KEF reference 8b

Bass Drivers

Featuring two ultra-low distortion 9 inch bass drivers the Reference 8b Subwoofer has the power and accuracy to bring your theater to life. Using KEF’s ingenious force-cancelling technology, these formidably powerful drive units are connected back-to-back cancelling out the forces they generate, this configuration allows both drive units to operate more effectively, giving noticeably greater definition to low frequency effects.

Cabinet Design

Finished by hand in an ultra-high-gloss piano black finish and complimented by a composite front baffle the KEF Reference 8b looks as good as it sounds. The shape and bracing of the cabinet are computer optimized to minimize secondary radiation from the cabinet walls and distortion from standing waves. With constrained layer damping to absorb residual vibrations, and it’s dual opposed drivers the Reference 8b does not allow anything to compromise the purity of the sound.

Composite Front Baffle

The KEF Reference 8b drivers are set in a smooth, strikingly distinctive front baffle engineered to eliminate response anomalies caused by diffraction. Made from an exceptionally strong laminated aluminium/resin composite and secured via high-loss pads and high tensile bolts, it adds tremendous rigidity to the inert cabinet.

New Product Tab

Design: Force cancelled closed box
LF Drive unit: 2 x 225 mm (9in.)
Frequency range at 90dB output in free-space mode (-6dB): 18Hz
Frequency response at 90dB output in free-space mode (±3dB): 24Hz
Amplifier: 2 x 500 W Class D with switched mode power supply and DSP based control section
Maximum output (peak sound pressure level at 1m 50Hz): 110dB
Low pass filter variable- Variable frequency: 40Hz to 160Hz
Variable slope: 12dB/oct, 18dB/oct, 24dB/oct
LFE mode: 350Hz, 18dB/oct
RCA phono sockets

  • Analog XLR socket
  • Speaker level inputs
  • Link out: RCA phono socket
  • Net internal volume: 23L

Weight: 35kg (77.2lbs.)
Dimensions (H x W x D)

  • 398 x 365 x 429 mm
  • (15.7 x 14.4 x 16.8 in.)

Power requirements: 100V – 120V / 220V – 240V ~50/60Hz
Power consumption: 1000W
Finish: Deep Piano Black

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