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Compact Bookshelf Loudspeakers


MXT15 Compact Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Monitor XT15 High-Resolution Compact Bookshelf Loudspeakers
Compact and affordable, Monitor XT15 maximizes the enjoyment of music, gaming, and movies with energetic, high-resolution sound with effortless bass.

Hi-Res Audio Certified
Monitor XT15’s new Terylene dome tweeter makes them perfect for enjoying high-resolution audio from Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music HD, Qobuz, and Spotify HiFi.

Clean, Tight, Effortless Bass
MXT15’s dynamically balanced 5.25” woofer plays punchy, loud, and low, delivering Polk’s famously smooth mid-range and powerful, effortless bass.

Dolby Atmos Certified and DTS:X Compatible
Compatible with the latest Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound enabled AV receivers and 4- and 8-ohm amplifiers, Monitor XT does not require specialized equipment to deliver great sound.

Flexible Placement
Use MXT15 as your front or surround speakers on shelves or stands. You can also wall mount MXT15 for use as a height module in an immersive surround sound setup. Plus, their midnight black finish and modern design will make a bold statement in any room.

• High-Resolution Compact Bookshelf or Surround Speaker
• Enjoy Movies, Games and Music with Exciting and Dynamic Sound
• Hi-Res Audio Certified, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Compatible
• 1” Terylene Tweeter for Crystal Clear Highs Above 40kHz
• 5.25” Dynamically Balanced Woofer for Effortless Bass Below 48Hz
• Lifelike, Detailed Imaging and Immersive Soundstage
• High Sensitivity to Work with 4- and 8-Ohm Amps/Receivers
• Easy Set Up and Placement on Shelf, Stand, or Wall (via keyhole slots)
• Low-Resonance Cabinet and Precision-Fit Grille
• Polk-Patented Quality

Consumer Benefits

The Evolution of a Hi-Fi Classic
With a history going back to 1974, the Monitor XT series is the next generation of Polk’s critically acclaimed Monitor line of speakers, now featuring Hi-Res Audio Certification and new tweeter, woofer, and cabinet designs to improve the sound of anything you’re listening to.q

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Tweeter : 1″ Terylene dome
Woofer : 5.25” bi-laminate paper
Crossover Frequency : 2200Hz
Recommended Amplification (wpc) : 30—150W
Impedance : Compatible with 4- and 8-ohm outputs
Overall Frequency Response : 48Hz—40kHz
Sensitivity : 86dB
Inputs : 5-way nickel-plated binding posts
Dimensions W x H x D : 165.1mm x 269.2mm x 182.4mm | 6.5″ x 10.6″ x 7.18″
Weight : 9Ibs/4.08kg

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