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8″ High Performance Subwoofer

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DSW PRO 440 – 8″ High Performance Subwoofer

  • Compact subwoofer delivers smooth, powerful bass from anywhere in the room
  • Feed forward distortion suppression technology allows higher maximum output without distortion or damage
  • Innovative front-firing mode lets you place the subwoofer just about anywhere

Small Sub, Deep Bass

The DSW PRO 440 wi delivers solid low-frequency effects everywhere it goes. Whether placed in a corner or tucked away in a cabinet, this smart, powerful subwoofer gives you placement flexibility like nothing else. It’s the easiest way to add powerful impact to your compact speaker array or sleek SurroundBar® installation.

The Lowdown On Higher Performance
The all-new DSWPRO Series represents more than a significant step forward in subwoofer performance. Rather, with the incorporation of
two proprietary Polk Audio technologies that offer clearly discernable benefits—you might want to think of the new DSWPRO Series as repre-senting a new subwoofer performance standard. Here’s the lowdown:

Feed Forward Distortion Suppression Technology

This technology maximizes acoustic output as it reduces audible distor-tion. Feed Forward is a zero latency system that maximizes dynamic out-put of the subwoofer system, without relying on slow responding feedback techniques or broad band dynamic compression, which squeeze the life out of the low end. What you hear is quick, precise bass output with mini-mal audible distortion, even at ground shaking volume levels.

Polk Room OptimizerTM (PROTM)
The DSWPRO Series remote control incorporates the Polk Room Optimizer (PRO) feature, four push-button room equalization presets that correct for room boundary effects for typical room placements: “Cabinet,” “Corner,” “Mid-Wall” and “Mid-Room.” No matter where you place your DSWPRO Series Sub, you’re assured great bass performance.

DSWPRO Features
Klippel Optimized Woofer—By using a state-of-the-art Klippel Distortion Analyzer, Polk engineers were able to optimize the woofer’s motor structure, voice coil alignment and suspension for the best possible performance even at extreme listening levels.
Class D Amplifier. The efficiency of a Class D digital amplifier translates into high-power, and cool, reliable operation with low distortion.
Polypropylene Cones are stiff yet lightweight for high efficiency and real precision for tight, punchy bass.
Downward Radiating Slot Port lessens turbulence, noise and distortion; you get all the bass—every time.
Front-Firing Application Repositionable Feet allow you to orient the subwoofer on its “back” to turn it into a front-firing woofer when you want to hide DSWPRO Series subs away in cabinets.
Optional Grilles Available For All Models.

Line And Speaker Level Inputs ensure easy hook-up compatibility with virtually any system; Unfiltered LFE Input for use with low-pass
filtered subwoofer output jacks.
Amplifier Features—Adjustable Low-Pass Crossover, Phase Switch and Subwoofer Volume Control to more easily control your bass output and the sub’s blending characteristics with your front stage speakers.
Signal-Sensing “Smart Amp” Auto ON/OFF Circuitry “knows” when to turn itself on and off.
All Four Models Also Feature A Credit Card-Sized Remote Control To: adjust volume, phase (0, 90, 180 and 270 degree settings), Mute and select the PRO presets.
Rock-Solid MDF Enclosure Construction suppresses enclosure panel resonance for distortion-free, accurate response.
5-Way Binding Posts give you lots of hookup versatility and tight, snug connections.
DSWPRO Subs Are Easily Paintable to match any room.

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Total Pieces : 1

Remote Type
Infrared (IR)
Remote Features

  • Power On/Off
  • Mute
  • Volume +/-
  • Phases: 0, 90, 180, 270
  • Night Mode
  • LED
  • Reset
  • Polk Room Optimizer: Cabinet, Corner, Mid-Wall, Mid-Room

18.5″ (46.99 cm) h x 17.75″ (45.09 cm) w x 17.5″ (44.45 cm) d – 36 lbs (16.33 kg)

Total Pieces : 1


  • Height : 14.63″ (37.16 cm)
  • Width : 13.75″ (34.93 cm)
  • Depth : 13.75″ (34.93 cm)
  • Weight : 30 lbs (13.61 kg)
  • Subwoofer Array Driver Enclosure Type : Downward Firing Slot Port
  • Subwoofer Array Driver Complement : (1)  8″ (20.32 cm) d (Round) Dynamic Balance Polymer composite
  • cone driver – Subwoofer

Power : 180 watts

Lower and Upper -3dB Limits : 30 Hz ? 125 Hz

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