Mythos® 3C-85 On-Wall Passive Sound Bar

Superior Sound,
Streamlined Style

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The Mythos 3C-85 ultra-slim, on-wall passive sound bar for 85” and larger-class TVs elevates your home theater experience with premium sound and designer aesthetics in an adjustable-width, weather-protected enclosure.

Mythos 3C-85

On-wall, adjustable-width, three-channel passive sound bar for 85” and larger-class TVs



Audiophile Appeal

Premium Definitive Technology acoustics in a designer- inspired, adjustable-width enclosure.

Designer Style

Sleek, low-profile designer cabinet adjusts to match television dimensions.

Ideal for Outdoor Use

Weather-resistant, IP66-rated construction ensures reliable performance, indoors and in covered outdoor environments.
Sleek and Streamlined

Big, Wide Sound

The Mythos 3C-85 three-channel passive sound bar elevates home theater experiences indoors and in covered outdoor areas. Combining the three front channels of a home theater system in a single cabinet, this ultra-slim, on-wall, three-way speaker blends high-performance sound and designer aesthetics in a weather-protected, adjustable-width rigid aluminum enclosure.


Thirteen-Speaker Array
for powerful, accurate sound

A three-way, 13-driver system comprises two XTDD 3.5” mid/bass drivers and one 1” aluminum oxide tweeter for each left/right channel. The center channel features two XTDD 3.5” mid/bass, four XTDD woofers, and a 1” aluminum oxide tweeter. Together they project robust, full-range sound over a wide area.

Total System Scalability
for elevating any home cinema

Take a minimalist approach with a simple, all-in-one on-wall system or build the ultimate home theater.

Convenient Mounting Options

Mythos three-channel passive sound bars are wall-mountable or compatible with VESA mounts, allowing them to easily attach directly to either a wall or TV for a sleek, cohesive look.

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