Top 3 Denon Amplifiers

May - 16

Top 3 Denon Amplifiers

Top 3 Denon Amplifiers

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No stereo system is complete without an amplifier – it is the essence that gives life to every loudspeaker. For the uninitiated, it may look like just another metal box with a couple of knobs on them. But the audiophiles out there know exactly what it’s worth. If you’re looking to splurge on a fancy sound system, take a moment to read this and we’ll tell you why you need to come to ProFX for your next buy. Top 3 Denon Amplifiers. Our collection of amplifiers is sure to get your auditory palettes craving for more. Prepare to indulge in a unique sonic experience with Denon amplifiers to pair your speakers with its perfect match. Here are Top 3 Denon Amplifiers


  1. HEOS DRIVE audio for a Perfect Home

Denon’s HEOS Drive HS2, designed by custom integration specialists, is a unique 4 zone whole home audio distribution system with 8 channels of Class D amplification, compactly fitted into a 2RU single chassis featuring both Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital+ decoding with stereo downmixing.

This powerful multi-room sound system enables you to enjoy your favorite music all over your home. By utilizing an existing home network and the HEOS app for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire, you can explore, browse, and play music from your music library, a range of streaming services, and thousands of internet radio stations. Once installed and connected, setup and configuration can be easily done through the HEOS app.

To ensure you set up is hassle-free, Denon’s HEOS Drive HS2 comes with removable feet and attachable rack ears, for rack or shelf placement. Dual RJ-45 Ethernet LAN ports are also provided to connect to the network and share the internet connection with other devices. Incidentally, this amp is 3rd party control compatible.

Denon’s amplifier is also equipped to handle virtually any combination of speaker configurations. Its inbuilt DSP high pass/low pass filters, set any output to full range, subwoofer or satellite speaker modes, with adjustable crossover points. Moreover, the speaker outputs feature 4-way binding posts that are compatible with banana plug terminations and four 12V trigger outputs. The chassis also has in place a cooling system for long term stability and operational reliability.


  1. HEOS AMP Speakers to a Wireless Zone

Denon’s HEOS Amp is designed to add multi-room audio functionality to any pair of stereo speakers and features the same wireless ease of use as the self-powered HEOS speaker models. With advanced class D digital amplification, the HEOS Amp delivers 100 watts maximum power per channel, with the lowest distortion and high current capability that provides reliable and stable operation with lower impedance speakers, including 4-ohm models. With this Amp, you can enjoy the benefits of wireless high fidelity with your favorite loudspeakers and experience room-filling sound quality.

In addition to the stereo speaker outputs, the amp features additional connectivity, including a sub output for connection to a powered subwoofer. There’s also an analog stereo line input (via RCA jacks), and an additional auxiliary input via 3.5mm jack for direct connection to a portable player’s headphone output. Meanwhile, Denon’s HEOS Amp enclosure features elegant silver accents, with discreetly placed volume and mute controls on the side panel, giving it an aesthetic appeal.

Moreover an optical digital input lets you connect a digital music source such as a CD player, and a USB port lets you connect a portable thumb drive. In addition to the built-in dual-band “N” wireless system, the HEOS Amp is also equipped with an RJ-45 Ethernet port for direct connection to a wired LAN setup.

Similar to the HEOS wireless speaker models, you’ll be able to stream music tracks and control Denon’s HEOS Amp with the HEOS App. You can listen to music tracks on your smartphone, tablet, and any portable audio player. The unique functionality of the amp allows you to play different songs in different rooms. You can also choose to listen to the same song in all rooms. Denon’s exclusive digital technology enables precise audio synchronization, down to the microsecond, for you to experience top audio fidelity and stereo imaging quality.

3. HEOS Link

Denon’s versatile HEOS Link features built-in dual-band N wireless technology for quick and easy connection to home networks. Apart from the built-in wireless function, the HEOS Link is also equipped with an RJ-45 Ethernet port for a hardwire connection to LAN. The USB port allows portable USB drive connections as well as portable device charging.

In addition to the stereo pre-amp outputs, there’s also a sub output for connection to a powered subwoofer. Both coaxial and optical digital audio outputs are included for compatibility with the widest range of equipment, and the unit features an optical digital audio input. Denon’s HEOS Link is also equipped with a stereo line input (via RCA jacks) as well as an additional auxiliary input with a 3.5mm jack for direct connection to a portable player.

Similar to HEOS Amp, with HEOS Link, you can add multi-room audio to existing music or home theatre audio system, to play different songs in different rooms or the same song in every room. You can also stream music and control the amp with the HEOS App.

If you already own any Denon systems, you’re in luck because HEOS Link provides additional convenience for you. All you need to do is this: Connect the included infrared emitter to the HEOS Link IR output and place it so that it’s near the front panel of your Denon component. Or, if your Denon has a direct IR input jack, you can connect the HEOS Link via the supplied IR direct cable. Then, via the HEOS App, you can turn your Denon system on and select the appropriate input and enjoy music from your library. There’s also a 12V trigger output that lets you connect the HEOS Link to other devices or products that feature a 12V trigger input, such as motorized drapes or a drop-down motorized front projection screen. With high-quality stereo analog, digital coax and optical outputs, as well as a 12V trigger and Denon IR control output, the HEOS Link can easily be incorporated into whatever system you have.

Amplify your home!

Choosing the right amplifier for your speakers is no small task. You must have sufficient knowledge about their features and specifications. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you by selecting the best amplifiers out there. Top 3 Denon Amplifiers. Top 3 Denon AmplifiersWith our recommendations, we’re certain you will find the right partner for your audio system to experience clean and undistorted sound. So don’t wait any longer! Head to your nearest ProFX outlet and find the Denon amplifier that suits you best.

Top 3 Denon Amplifiers


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