All products sold offline (in a physical store) are automatically entitled for warranty. Please see warranty terms below. Products purchased online are not covered under warranty. If you have purchased the product online from any other vendor, we request you to contact your vendor directly for any service support during the warranty period. Electronic products purchased outside India (internationally) are not covered under warranty as power supply components and product specifications vary from country to country and are not meant to be used outside their country of sale.

Please preserve your Invoice as proof of purchase.

Brands Speakers Electronics
Polk Audio 3 Years (Passive) 1 Year (SubWoofers, Sound bars, A V Receivers, Amplifiers etc)
KEF 3 Years (Passive) 1 Year (SubWoofers, Sound bars, A V Receivers, Amplifiers etc)
Definitive Technology NA 1 Year on all products
Denon 1 Year 1 Year
PRO Audio 10 Years 3 Years

Note: In case of brands not listed above, Standard Manufacturer Warranty in India apply.

PRO FX warrants that its products will be free from defects in workmanship and material under normal use. This warranty is, in the case of products put to residential / personal use, for a period of 12 months on (electronics) and 36 months on (speakers); and, in the case of products put to commercial use, for a period of 6 months only; in each case, calculated from the date of the purchase invoice or supply, whichever is earlier. This limited warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser (person who has purchased the product directly from PRO FX/its authorized dealers) and is not transferable. The warranty is applicable only in cases where the purchase price has been paid in full.

2. In the event of PRO FX offering an EXTENDED WARRANTY for any specific product/period it is the responsibility of the purchaser to get the warranty card duly registered with the nearest service centre/dealer. No representative/agent of PRO FX is authorized to make any representation that contradicts or goes beyond the terms contained herein, and any waiver/addition/modification hereto must be in writing and signed by authorized representatives of PRO FX to be valid and enforceable.

3. The original invoice and duly stamped Warranty Card are required to be produced at the service centre to avail the Warranty service. Warranty service shall be carried out by the company's service personnel or by the company's authorized service agent, only at a PRO FX service centre. For service centre locations, please refer this website www.profx.com. No service will be undertaken on site. The warranty is only to repair/replace parts for manufacturing defects (subject to availability of spare parts). The warranty service is subject to inspection of the product by PRO FX representatives to determine the cause of the damage. The purchaser shall bear the cost of transport of the product to and from the service centre. PRO FX shall not be liable for any damage or loss in respect of the product during transportation. The time for service/transportation is not excluded from the warranty period.

4. This warranty applies only to products used with authentic media/software of good quality, compatible equipment of proper specification/rating and good quality, and with reliable/authentic electrical accessories/stabilizers as recommended by PRO FX on its website. PRO FX will not undertake responsibility for product malfunction or non-operation caused by use of poor quality media, unstable power supply, earthing problems, electrical discharge of other products or on account of wrongful product software/firmware up-gradation undertaken by the purchaser.

5. The obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of parts, products only. PRO FX may issue a credit to the purchaser as an alternative to repair/replacement. The decision to repair, replace or issue a credit is at PRO FX's option. If such options are not possible, the maximum claim, if entertained by PRO FX shall be for an amount not exceeding the depreciated value of the product, as per PRO FX's depreciation rules, or the maximum retail value of the product, or invoice value, whichever is lower. The aforesaid are the purchaser's exclusive remedies.

PRO FX shall not be liable for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages or loss, including but not limited to loss of earning/profit, loss of data, cost of rental/replacement products, damage to property/reputation, and/or any third party claims. All claims are subject to Indian law and the jurisdiction of courts in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

6. This warranty only covers the actual product functionality and does not include aesthetic/external elements such as cover plastics, glassware, accessories, outer-casing, connectors, antenna wires, cables and consumables. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the product.

7. This warranty shall not be valid:
(I) In the event the product is not installed/operated/repaired/maintained as per the instruction manual/settings demonstrated by PRO FX's representatives/ engineers.
(ii) In the event the product has been damaged due to improper use/negligence, or in the event damage has been caused by malfunction of other equipment used with the product.
(iii) In the event of any unauthorized repair/alteration/tampering/damage by any unauthorized person.
(iv) In the event the product is subjected to abnormal physical or electrical stress, high voltage, electrostatic discharge, abnormal environmental conditions, misuse, negligence, accidents, exposure to water/liquids/excessive humidity, battery leakage or extreme temperatures, or other external causes, including attack by household pests/animals, use of products on Non-Sine wave UPS/substandard stabilizers and inverters, spikes from external devices, flood, fire, lightning, or other natural calamities and peculiar environmental conditions.

8. Except as specified herein, all express/implied warranties/conditions/representations, conditions, including any implied warranty/condition of merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose, non-infringement, satisfactory quality, accuracy of information, and/or any such condition/warranty arising from any course of performance, dealing, usage or trade practice, are specifically excluded.

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